How we work



Our client consultants combine experience with a pioneer spirit, as well as expertise with curiosity. They know the brands and needs of our clients just as well as the variety of media channels and their impact. With a high level of knowledge of the industry in which our customers operate in we are able to propose tailor made solutions which best manage the situation at hand.

Evidence based approach

Our solutions definitely have an impact to the organization of our customers. Appreciating this reality, it is our constant desire to consider the whole value chain of our customers with measurable and quantifiable insights for profitable growth. We achieve this through our resident and external media research.



Info Media services is made of a young and vibrant team with a focus on enhancing customer orientation, bridging their needs and expectations to those of the corporates.

Value for money

We guarantee progressive consultancy within our exclusive communications toolkit in our service catalogue to earn responsively to our customers’ investments.